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Be careful who you hack for...

Brian Chestburg is a computer expert who can hack into any company or government file through the Internet. He gets involved with a politician named Jim Gallagor, who is looking to unseat the incumbent Senator in the upcoming election. Brian’s brother Jay is an Accountant who hates his job, and keeps sane by spending all his time at the gym or martial arts classes. Brian’s company gets an important government contract developing encryption code for their top-secret transmissions. He considers this his dream job and decides that it is no longer worth the risk to help Gallagor. The trouble starts when Brian tries to sever his relationship with Gallagor.

Gallagor convinces his Chinese contacts that Brian poses a threat to him, and could be of value to them. The Chinese decide to kidnap Brian. Jay accidentally stumbles upon the kidnap attempt and kills one of the Chinese kidnappers during the struggle. Impressed with Jay’s performance during the operation, he is recruited by the FBI. Next, the FBI turn their attention to Gallagor and his former KGB partner. With the help of their new recruits...

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David Bannat


Writing, Sailing, Car Restoration

Born and raised in New Jersey, currently living in Virginia. A family man with two grown children, but my wife gets all the credit for their success. An Engineer by trade, my first hint that I should write a novel was my inability to resist narrating my engineering reports.

For those that know me, they will find many of my life experiences woven into the novel COMPLETE ACCESS, and maybe a few of your own. But in the spirit of good fiction, the story continues past personal experiences, and maybe answers a few of those “what if” questions. Find out what happens when life makes a detour from the average and expected.

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